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AOL Webmail is great for checking and sending your e-mails directly on the browser; However, many users feel more comfortable with a mail client. To use your AOL account and the Mail application to send mail, but you'll need to set up AOL's SMTP server: Here's how.
It should be emphasized, however, that using AOL SMTP Server to send mass e-mail via newsletters is not the best option. In fact, AOL places a certain limit on the number of people you can send the same email to (to prevent spammers).

Of course, you can split your inventory into smaller chunks, but that's not very convenient—and you still face some unavoidable delivery issues. In fact, when sending large amounts of e-mail, a free AOL SMTP Server like AOL cannot guarantee a high delivery rate. Generally speaking, free outgoing servers such as Gmail SMTP, Yahoo SMTP, or Hotmail SMTP are not specifically designed for sending mass email.
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