How to delete AOL Email

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How to delete AOL Email

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How Do I Permanently Delete My Free AOL Email Account?
How to delete AOL Email?” For deleting your free AOL account as quickly as possible, you can visit the link provided in this section. What you have to do after visiting the link has been provided in detail below. Be assured, this method will save you time and enable you to quickly delete your account.

Read the 9 steps of this method right away.

1. Using your web browser, open the link mentioned below. It will take to you the cancellation page.

2. In case you are asked to log in to your free AOL account, provide your “Email Address”.
3. Click on “Next”.
4 Write the “Password” of your AOL email account.
5. Now, click on “Sign in”.
6. Press the button for “Continue to Delete My Account” at the bottom.
7. Type the complete “Email Address” of your AOL account.
8. Press the button for “Yes, Terminate this Account”.
9. When a prompt is received by you, click on “Got it”.

Your AOL account will be deleted soon when the procedure is complete. When your AOL account is free, there are no subscriptions which you need to cancel. Also, no payments are to be made. Therefore, this procedure to delete AOL email account free is relatively easier.
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